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Modern carpet originates way back from ancient times. Hand-tying and knotting skills were handed over from generation to generation. Although carpet may be “traditional” nowadays, it never gets old for homes, offices, or any establishments.


The Sixteenth Century brought the desire for fine rugs and textile floor coverings. It all started when merchant explorers and travelers came to Europe and spread the flooring craze – influencing the settlers. From Europe, the appreciation of textiles rippled to America. As years passed, it became our home’s fundamental aspect and one of the most attractive parts of modern home decoration. Carpet’s popularity endures for various reasons.

With Washington State Kitchen Bath, an ultimate carpet experience awaits.

Primary flooring choice

  • relatively affordable
  • soothing under foot
  • replaceable and quick to install
  • more fashion options for desired style and décor
  • comfortable, warmer, and quieter

Carpet advantages

  • easy to modify and decorate with
  • comfortable on kids knees
  • soft under foot
  • wide array of colors, tones and hues
  • less noise than hard flooring
  • conceals sub-floor irregularities
  • economical and installation costs less than hard flooring
  • can go on all grade levels
  • can go over a variety of substrates


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