Carpet Maintenance

Modern carpeting can be elaborate as well as stylish. It can be cool, tasteful and traditional. Its unique ability to amplify the value of any house makes it one of Washington’s most sought-after floor covering choices.

Carpets can enhance any room. However, keeping carpet in good condition can be a challenge if you don’t know the proper ways of maintenance. Worry no more. Washington State Kitchen and Bath is here to provide efficient tips in keeping your carpet nice, comfortable, and durable for years.

  • put walk-off mats at entrances to your home
  • purchase a good quality vacuum and use it frequently
  • use only machines that have fine beater bar and maximum suction
  • if your vacuum utilizes bags, be certain to replace them regularly
  • never vacuum over loose yarn; no pulling out the snag
  • don’t forget carpet cushion, it plays a crucial role in preserving your carpet’s lifespan
  • reposition your furniture periodically
  • manage stains immediately
  • opt for a reputable, professional cleaner; scheduled cleaning once a year to keep the carpet in good condition
  • read and follow the care and maintenance guidelines provided by the manufacturer; different kinds of carpet have their own unique maintenance.

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