Hardwood Floor Maintenance

One of the main advantages of hardwood flooring is minimal maintenance. They are easy to care. No hassle as they only require regular sweeping to remove dirt. However, some instances may need the use of cleaners, especially during spring cleaning. Or when removing scuff marks.

Here are some guidelines to prolong your wood floor lifespan:

  • apply the cleaners with a terry cloth head mop
  • vacuum your floors daily
  • lay walk off mats at every entrance that are regularly cared
  • avoid excessive use of cleaner; a small amount will do
  • use the appropriate floor cleaner
  • easily remove wax or gum from floors with a credit or debit card as a scraper
  • don’t forget using wax or wax finish
  • remove spills as soon as possible
  • for emergencies, seek a hardwood maintenance expert

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