stone floors

A floor covering such as natural stone can leverage a house interior maintenance, warmth, appeal, design, and décor. Besides aesthetic purposes, it can also impact people’s lives.

From the ancient wonders such as the Egyptian pyramids, and the colossal Greek and Roman temples, to the remarkable civilizations of China and India, natural stone is no doubt the world’s oldest building material. And not just any ordinary material as it has played a significant part of architecture throughout history.

Natural stone is known as strong and durable. It emanates a rich inviting yet organic surface. And it radiates a powerful enduring presence any residence has never felt. Imagine its elegance and unique beauty in your house. With Washington State Kitchen and Bath, you’ll have the most inviting stone covering for your house.

Here are some facts on natural stone flooring:

  • method started millions of years ago
  • mixture of pressure and heat produces blocks of natural stone
  • marble, granite, limestone, slate and travertine are some types of natural stone
  • “quarries” are massive rock deposits formed when the earth’s crust grows and erodes, ascending minerals to its core
  • quarries are located throughout the globe, in various countries including our own United States
  • compared to ceramic tile, stone is more expensive and needs more maintenance
  • upscales house value greater than the ceramic tile
  • more options to choose

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