Mother Nature has already provided the ultimate care of our natural stone for ages. Today, it’s your turn. But first, you need need to know the secrets on caring them. Washington State Kitchen and Bath has some tips on how to keep natural stone inviting and rich for years to come.

With the right knowledge  in taking care of your natural stone investment, your flooring’s classic beauty and one of a kind personality will endure for many tomorrows. Aside from knowing how to keep your stone flooring beautiful, you’ll become wiser in choosing the natural flooring for your house.

  • blot spills as soon as possible
  • rinse the floor completely and wipe the surface with a soft, clean cloth
  • never mix ammonia and bleach
  • never use any ammonia-based cleaners or chemicals such as abrasive cleaners, and cleansers (dry or soft)
  • you can use mild bleach solution in removing algae or moss from your stone in outdoor pool, hot tub areas, and patio; don’t forget to flush it with clear water
  • place walk-off mats or area rugs at all exterior entrances
  • prefer a mat with a non slip backing
  • always keep mats tidy
  • dirt, grit, and sand are harmful to stone surfaces
  • dust mopped the floors regularly
  • don’t forget a damp mop for your stone floor
  • as much as possible, abstain from using household cleaners or acids with vinegars
  • forget retail grout cleaners, tile cleaners, and scouring powders on your stone floor
  • for hard to reach areas, use vacuum cleaner attachments
  • contact your local retailer to suggest  products that are completely safe for your stone floors
  • be responsible in maintaining the caulking in heavy water-use spots
  • be careful in moving heavy objects, it may damage your stone floor
  • better to cover the legs of your table and other furniture to shield your stone floor from scratch
  • every stone has various levels of sensitivity to staining

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