Tiles make the home look more beautiful and the design and furnishings more boosted. With tiles, your specific comfort is met without having to worry about the budget. They do not require a lot of maintenance and are very durable. Although this type of flooring was invented hundreds of years ago, present-day manufacturers have updated designs and application options of ceramic tiles to fit into the modern times. The wide array of sizes, color, textures and shapes available will impress both old-time ceramic tile users and new ones.

Ceramic Tile

  • made mainly from clay mixed with water and minerals
  • natural choice for your interior floors and walls
  • tile body treated with ceramic coating for a smoother finish



  • it could outclass and could last longer than other flooring types if installed properly

Easy care

  • dirt, odor and stain resistant
  • sponge or moist map is needed for cleanup
  • low-maintenance material
  • tiles with coating need attention and care
  • regular cleaning for dirt-free grout

Scratch resistant

  • never worry about scratch and tear
  • Grade III and IV are extremely resistant to scratching

Environmentally friendly

  • Does not retain allergens, bacteria or odor
  • Made from natural materials

Beautiful and versatile

  • Wide variety of textures, colors, styles, shapes and sizes

Fire resistant

  • Hot pans will not scorch or melt the surface
  • Doesn’t burn or emit toxic fumes

Water resistant

  • Dense body absorbs little or no moisture
tile floor ktichen
tile floor living room

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