Vinyl Maintenance

Flooring is made to be walked on regardless if it’s new or not. It’s aesthetics only comes second to its main purpose. In time, vinyl flooring will be subjected to wear and tear as people walk on them move about pieces of furniture on them, and other similar activities. However, if you take care of your vinyl floors and regularly clean them, you don’t need to worry about worn-out for years.

Brand new vinyl floors could last very long and are very sturdy. But this does not give you the excuse to not clean them. Regular maintenance will lessen the odds of fast wear and tear. Follow these simple suggestions in cleaning your vinyl floors. They may wear eventually, but you can do tricks to make them look like new for many decades.

  • When your vinyl floors are newly installed, protect every seamed area
  • For two days following the installation, maintain a 68ºF temperature in the room
  • Never roll heavy objects on newly installed vinyl for at least 5 days
  • When moving heavy objects, lay down a plywood on top of the floor
  • Wait 5 days before cleaning your floor with water
  • Protect your vinyl floor by covering the feet of furniture with felt protectors
  • Check the condition of rollers and casters before use
  • Don’t use vacuum with beater bar
  • Always refer to manufacturer’s recommendations regarding specific maintenance and follow them religiously
  • Remove dust and sand grit particles
  • Urethane floors finish can darken over time
  • Rinse the floor thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning
  • Always cover cut or gouge vinyl parts and seek professional help
  • Place non-staining walk-off mats or rugs at every entrance of the room
  • Cover open seams immediately
  • Do not use rubber-backed mats or rugs
  • PVC vinyl floors should be coated 2-3 times with manufacturer’s recommended floor polish
  • Spots and spills should be wiped off in an instant
  • Do not use abrasive soaps, solvents or wax on vinyl flooring
  • Do not use scrubbing tools
  • Always be sure that the cleaner you use is manufacturer recommended
vinyl maintenance
vinyl maintenance

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