wedi showers

Revolutionizing the tile industry.
WSKB believes in continuing education and therefore has made the decision to exclusively use the wedi Shower System in all bathroom remodels. All of WSKB’s installers are certified to install this shower system. wedi has revolutionized the tile industry. It has more approvals than any other system in the world, and enjoys over 25 years of success throughout Europe. wedi offers a complete system which includes:

  • Wall Board
  • Pre Sloped Shower Pans
  • Drains
  • Curb
  • Fasteners
  • Sealant
  • ADA Ramp
  • Wall Niches and Benches
wedi discusses the importance of 100% waterproofing, to avoid any potential mold issues from using other products. As an example, all gypsum boards (no matter if it is specially treated or not) were eliminated in the 2006 International Residential Code from any wet areas. They discuss the New York City Department of Health’s decision about mold, basing the severity of a problem in a home on the amount of wallboard panels affected. There is currently a California Senate Bill legislation that directs the Department of Health Services to establish permissible mold exposure limits and set standards for identifying and remediating molds. There is more literature available directly on the wedi website.

wedi design elements

  • wedi Sanbath – Wash basins,showers and baths
  • wedi Fundo – Design showers,flooring and wall elements
  • wedi Moltoromo – Modular shower wall system
  • wedi Sanoasa – Seating and benches
  • wedi Sanoasa – Multi-centre and vario cabins

Spa and wellness projects

  • Development of ideas and building planning with architects and builders
  • Bespoke tailor made service
  • Innovative and modular pre-fabricated systems
  • High-performance network in all trades
  • On-site consultancy and technical support

Building systems

  • wedi building board solutions
  • wedi floor-level showers
  • wedi tiling systems
wedi bathroom

about wedi

wedi building board systems

wedi building boards have a blue core made from CFC-free extruded polystyrene rigid foam. This makes the wedi building board an ideal basis for any type of plaster and tile. wedi building boards can be applied to practically any substrate, are waterproof, insulating, versatile, lightweight and robust.

What does wedi INSIDE offer?

The principle of wedi INSIDE is simple: high-quality ceramic covers require a substrate that is 100 % secure. That’s why craftsmen have put their faith in the unique wedi quality for decades, especially for substrates underneath tiles. 100 % waterproof and 100% secure – signed, sealed, and guaranteed by wedi.

wedi building boards

Building boards & wedi 610

abP tested: wedi 610 seals joins between boards and makes them waterproof without the need to use any other prod- ucts. This saves time and money and increases the safety of the system.

wedi shower base

Shower bases incl. process

At wedi, the appropriate process is available for each of the numerous floor elements: With proper installation, the waterproofness of the entire system is thus always ensured – promised by wedi under hand and seal

complete wet room

Complete wet room

Wall or floor, shower or bath, shelves or bathroom furniture – with the comprehensive system range, wedi offers a modular and completely coordinated total system.

custom bathroom

Individual production

wedi’s system promise does not end with the standard programme. Enrich the wet room with simple or complex designs. wedi manufactures each indi- vidual desired property at the factory so that the final installation can be carried out on site quickly, easily and of course in the system.

custom shower

Plug & Play systems

These wedi systems offer all in one: Water tight basic material, individual designs as well as the complete technical installation. From electrical wiring to heating functions to taps, everything is ready preinstalled and can be used immediately at the construction site with little time and effort.

custom spa

Spa and wellness projects

Expertise from one source incl. planning , production and installation. wedi is the best partner in the project business for private and commercial spa properties. Thanks to intelligent product systems and global network partners, high quality with little time and effort and risk is always ensured.

Complete systems for almost every area of application

In private bathrooms, in high-quality spa areas or in complete wellness facilities – for more than 30 years, wedi customers have trusted the premium quality of modular product systems. wedi not only offers individual products, wedi offers fully coordinated products and guarantees safe system

bathroom upgrades

luxury bathroom

bathroom accessories

Accessories & extras

Everything from wedi: Cleverly conceived accessories and practical aids to installing , decoupling, waterproofing, bonding and for impact sound deadening ensure more safety on every construction site.


Tile backerboard with added value


Security throughout system

quick dry time

Saves up to 50 % processing time


Completely dimen- sionally accurate


High stability

Extremely lightweight

Extremely lightweight


Thermally insulating


CO2(GWP 1)XPS foam